Courses – Languages

Learn basic, intermediate or advanced conversational skills in the following languages. Click here to check available courses.

English Hindi
Gujarati Mandarin
Punjabi Spanish
Marathi French
Tamil German

You will learn to converse with family, friends and the general public in the matters pertaining to everyday activities. The students have a choice of selecting any or all the options below or in conjunction with the tutor develop a bespoke course.

Module I

Greetings Food
Relations Dress
Numbers Household Articles
Home Human Body
Time / Seasons Health

Module II

Education TV/ Radio / Cinema
Shopping Wedding
Sports Career / Professions
Work Business
Travel Music / Dance

Module III

Finance Gardening
Ornaments Flowers / Fruit / Veg
Religion Weather
Stationery Animals / Insects
Law Politics

GCSE / A Level

English Maths
French General Science
Spanish Physics
English Literature Chemistry
History Biology
Geography Economics