How it Works

A student will have a free conversation with chosen tutor to determine:

  • Level of competency
  • Set goals
  • Agree plan
  • Determine schedule
  • Make payment

10 minute prior to the beginning of the lesson, students can log on through the link provided and begin conversing with the tutor.

The lesson will be recorded and stored and will be available for revisit for a period of 7 days free of cost through a separate link.

The duration of the lesson is 50 minutes and students can book 1-2-1 lessons at a date and time suitable to student and tutor.

However 1-2-many lessons will be delivered according to our schedule and students have a choice of booking at their convenience.

There is an option for a group of 6 student who may be located at different venues to coordinate and book a lesson at a mutually convenient date and time.

How it Works